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When is your birthday?

2012-10-19 18:30:22 by Painbringer

Tell me.

I've taken it upon myself to make a proper NG birthday list. So here it goes...

I originally started with Senmetsu's 2011 birthday list. But have added a lot more names in the past couple of years.

Let me know if you want your name, or a friend's name, added to the list.

Today I've finally got that spiked skull mace that I've always wanted since the last design, and now it's mine!

15000 Posts!

2012-05-26 05:21:47 by Painbringer

Today I reached a new milestone without even knowing it at first!

May: The First Month of the "60 Boom"

2012-05-09 17:21:46 by Painbringer

This month, MI4-REAL-2001, YoinK and TVs-Tom-Selleck are turning level 60.

So please congratulate them when you get the chance.


TVs-Tom-Selleck just turned 60! So now we have our three winners for this month.

New month, new level.

2012-03-01 04:15:09 by Painbringer

Today I'm level 55 and trade in my golden gun for a chainsaw.

Just yesterday I reached 14,000 posts, and in 20 days (March 1st) I'll be level 55!

The Level 60 Boom is Coming!

2011-10-25 18:28:13 by Painbringer

*Updated on February 16, 2012*

Here's how it's projected to all play out:

May 4, 2012: MI4-REAL-2001
May 23: TVs-Tom-Selleck
June 8: staphita
June 29: Valfire
August 9: mattymetro
August 26: Nostrant
September 1: GunPanther
September 25: PimpMasterKDOG
October 28: DocDragon
October 31: ramagi
November 4: Wylo
November 30: Tonybigguns-XXX
December 17: Joe
December 21: Phylos
December 24: FightingSeraph
January 11, 2013: FuSiOn-3D
7 days: N2x
8 days: Rystic
15 days: I-review-good-flash
35 days: Overtired
9 days: someone-else
5 days: Dethyl
19 days: poxpower
25 days: FireNWater
19 days: DrMSM
17 days: gfoxcook
2 days: Uniqueusername
30 days: LemonClock-X
12 days: The-Redeemer
2 days: Parasoul
35 days: Xpower7
2 days: joliet-jane
4 days: Crownjo
3 days: Rage
6 days: Samurai-Jack
3 days: WavyGravy
2 days: Idiot-Finder
1 DAY: Toocool100
9 days: wismty
13 days: illuminate
12 days: jonthomson
23 days: b33f
November 18, 2013: Painbringer
4 days: bluntedboy
35 days: Vert
8 days: Outlaw88
23 days: iscrulz
2 days: Myst
35 days: 404

I not gonna bother with those currently under 30,000 EXP, or those who've stopped depositing.

All is subject to change with deposits missed.

Has been denied.

I missed a day!

2011-08-14 05:17:19 by Painbringer

I'm not sure what day exactly, or why I forgot (probably overtired), but it was a few days ago, and now I'm stuck in 56th place.

Considering how committed the people around me are, I may be stuck there for many months, if not years.

Oh well.

And yes, I have missed days before; about a months worth, but that was a few years ago.

I just reached level 53 on the island of Maui, in Hawaii.

This is actually my second trip to the island - My first trip was in July of 2006, which was before the redesign.

Next up: 12000 posts!