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New Month, New Level - Part 2

2012-07-01 04:09:55 by Painbringer

Today I've finally got that spiked skull mace that I've always wanted since the last design, and now it's mine!


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2012-07-01 07:45:49

You have reach level 55 that is very amazing. I have to tell you something that Toocool100's stats is the same level as yours. He have almost reached level 56. He has a golden whistle, he is ranked as a Super Commander. So you got to beat him Painbringer. Here's his website

Painbringer responds:

FYI I'm level 56, not 55.

Other than that, Toocool is way too far ahead of me to be of any concern - It is jonthomson or WavyGray who I must pass first.


2012-07-11 03:41:06

Aahh,are you gay?I'm not trying to insult you,just asking...

Painbringer responds:


I thought that my sig was convincing enough.

That and I have a boyfriend.


2012-07-15 02:37:28

Too bad the new redesign makes it a lot harder to notice the level icons. I personally hate this new feature.

Painbringer responds:

I'm sure the new pixelated '90s theme is only temporary...

Until the next redesign.


2012-08-01 23:22:02

Gays are bad my church said so

Painbringer responds:

Church =/= God


2012-08-28 21:14:19


Painbringer responds:

Take out the 'n' and I can already see what you're into.


2017-11-22 14:16:49

we will see who will have 90-100k exp in 10-11 years